Tired of one diet after another? Struggling with body image, food obsession, compulsive exercise? Does food rule your life? Dieting intensifies your focus on food and your body. These obsessions can create disharmony with your body which holds you back from living abundantly. When you are told what, when, and how much to eat it can feel like you are in bondage to the diet. Do you feel that when you lose weight, then you will be happy? There is a much better way to wellness and it is called Intuitive Eating.

I offer a seven-week Intuitive Eating class where you will begin your journey to making peace with food and your body. We are all born with the instinct to know when we are hungry, when we are full and how much to eat. Instead of putting your time and thoughts into dieting, you are free to focus on living your life!  For a course description, please go to the Classes link.

Benefits of Intuitive Eating
• No more dieting, counting calories or points, or weighing and measuring food.

• Freedom from chronic dieting.

• See exercise as a means toward well-being, not weight loss.

• Learn tools to help you get to your body’s natural weight, and free yourself from unreasonable body image thinking.

• Learn to listen and respond to your body’s real needs.

• Make peace with food and your body.

Why Intuitive Eating?
• Diets have a 95% failure rate, and they don’t work long-term.

• It provides a struggle-free way of eating that is healthy for both your body and mind.

• It reconnects you to your true hunger and fullness.
• Research shows that individuals who learn to eat intuitively show improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, activity level, and body image over the long-term.

• Enjoy a healthy relationship with food and movement—no more feelings of food deprivation.

• Freedom from the diet mentality.  Dieting is associated with weight gain, decreased metabolism, gradual erosion of confidence and self-trust, and disordered eating.